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The Upper Peninsula Medical Center is located in the growing and peaceful City of Marquette, which is located on the Southern shore of beautiful Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Marquette is the largest city in the Upper Peninsula with a population of approximately 30,000.

The Marquette Medical-Dental Center was established in 1965, originally housing 18 physicians. Today, with over four (4) major expansions over the years, the Upper Peninsula Medical Center provides private offices for over 120 physicians and other health care professionals.

An interesting feature of the Upper Peninsula Medical Center is that physicians are housed together and work within a corporation which they own equally. Yet, they retain their individual and unique private practices, providing the best of medical care properly focused on each individual patient.

Over one half million patients visit the Upper Peninsula Medical Center Annually. An information service is available to assist patients who do not have a physician or do not know with which specialist they should schedule an appointment.

Patients are greeted with convenient, free parking, a main entrance with information readily available, and many other amenities including a restaurant. The friendly, caring and cooperative spirit is evident among all who work in the Upper Peninsula Medical Center.

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